Economic development is based on energy. 
Let's use it wisely.

save&sustain is a SaaS solution for companies to improve their energy competitiveness

save&sustain is designed, made and hosted in Switzerland

Simple and pragmatic

A solution for decision-makers

Clear, concise information for the management, to integrate energy into strategic thinking and prioritize improvement actions, aligned with operational teams.

Multi-disciplinary data

Data from a variety of sources, including non-energy data (industrial activity, meteorological), to feed analyses and identify savings opportunities.

A top-down approach

A holistic understanding of the company's consumption first, and then a drill down depending on the analyses requirements, to guarantee the right prioritization.

Agile, secure measurement capability 

Easy to install (and move when required) energy sensors, non-intrusive to both the energy and IT networks, for more security and reliability.

Understand to act effectively


energy consumption continuously, simply and agilely, to quantify its actual use.


the energy consumption-activity relationship, through specially developed algorithms, to optimize it with no compromise on value creation.


all company stakeholders in initiating and monitoring improvement actions

Now let's act


day to set-up


week for the first insights

10 to 40%

of sustainable energy savings

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