​Energy is one of the fundamental drivers of economic and social development. Indeed, there is a close connection between energy consumption and economic growth. Sustainable economic development inherently involves sustainable energy consumption.

Thus, the availability and price of energy are major challenges for economic competitiveness. In addition to this economic and, consequently, social dimension, the environmental imperatives and the transition towards a low-carbon society must be considered.

To address these challenges, wise4future develops and markets the save&sustain solution, a tool designed to assist businesses, particularly in the industrial sector, in enhancing their energy competitiveness. In practical terms, this means reducing energy consumption while preserving value creation.

save&sustain enables the identification and quantification of energy-saving opportunities, guiding subsequent reduction efforts. The analytical engine operates systematically, con​tinuously, and is industry-agnostic.

The solution is marketed as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). It is coupled with an integrated data collection offering, DaaS (Data-as-a-Service), for clients who do not have their own energy measurement system.


wise4future Ltd is a Swiss company established in 2023. It aims to develop and market solutions for efficient and sustainable use of resources, particularly energy. The company has explicitly stated a commitment to having a positive societal and environmental impact in its articles of association.

With a background in mechanical, aerospace, and energy engineering, the two founders have a rich professional experience. They have held technical and managerial positions in large international corporations as well as smaller and local companies. Additionally, they have led various entrepreneurial projects.


Ewen Nedelec 

co-founder, director

Aerospace engineer ENSAE SUPAERO, Master in fluid dynamics

Ewen has previously worked as an engineer at Dassault Aviation, followed by a role as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, before joining the Richemont Group and taking over the management of an industrial site.

Vatche Garibian 

co-founder, director

Mechanical engineer EPFL, Aerospace engineer ENSAE SUPAERO, Master in energetics

Vatché worked as an engineer at Alstom Power and later held commercial and strategic roles at Firmenich before transitioning to the banking sector, where he led a wealth management bank and focused on sustainable finance.